Sunday, May 6, 2012

Princess mimi apple green (WMM-303)circle lense review

Princess mimi apple  green (WMM-303)circle lense review

Information about the lenses are mentioned in this video :D

Pictures of the Packaging

Diameter: 15mm
water content: 38%-42%
life span: 1 year

This type of lense will give you a dolly effect to your eyes. It makes your eyes look bigger . I really love it since i am really into big dolly eyes. This lense is in 15mm  in diameter, I still feel very comfortable wearing them. I love how the color still pops out even though my natural eye color is dark brown. This lense is also perfect for everyday look . 
Thank you so much miss jhia of red jhelli shop for the lenses !! 


xoxo: GetGorgeous14


  1. love that color! i had a similar pair before!

    xo, Carla

    1. Hi hun!! i love it too :D its perfect for dolly like eyes :D