Thursday, December 29, 2011

LOVEN make cleansing pad/ FACIAL BruSH :D


                               So today was a very FUN and LUCKY day for me!! Me and my relatives went to the beach this morning and i enjoyed the  heat of the sun sooo sooo much .. :D After that we went to parkmall because lastweek a day before christmas eve I went there around 8:40 pm to have a last minute gift shopping for our MANITO MANITA.  And i saw the new store called "JAPAN HOME CENTRE" and i didnt get the chance to go inside since the mall closes at 9 pm i was like GOSH DAISO!!! :( i was a bit sad.... but anywayssss lets get to the story :) we went there and i was sssuuuuuuuuuper duperrr hoping that i could find the DAISO facial brush..So i checked all the counters and the racks , and i bought some great products especially for my makeup organization storage :D and some random stuff :D i was about to give up looking for the facial brush . When i was on my way to the cashier, I FINAALLLY FOUND THE FACIAL BRUSH and i was like OH MY GOD!! i was like jumping and super duperrrrrr happy (CRAZY ryt?!) .. So i got the facial brush but its not the DAISO one  but whatevss .... So i got 2 of them just to make sure if i lost the ones im using i have a backuupp!! :D So talking about that  i know you guys are curious about the price... The brush Cost  88 PESOS only!! amaaaaaazing price! and BTW the japan home centre sells stuff that cost 99 pesos , 88 pesos and 66 pesos! and you get branded stuff.. :D the store was really crowded because the products theyre selling are reaally cheap .. :D So heres a picture of the facial brush
So as you can see there are tiny soft bristles on it .
I actually used it  awhile ago and itsss SOOOO amazing!  i feel like my face is squuuuuueeky clean !! and i really like this a lot! So thats it for this blog !! have a GREAT NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

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