Friday, March 29, 2013



Summer is my favorite time of the year . Its the only time I can relax and be stress free.
Our school year just ended, so it's officially the start of my summer! 

To start my summer I decided to head down to BE RESORTS, Mactan Cebu for a day trip.
I love the vibe of the resort. Its clean ,simple and unique. They have alot of lounging area where you can sit back and relax.

My favorite area of the resort was their beanie bags and mini sofa cottages. The beanie bag was perfect for sunbathing and I fell asleep just lying inside the mini cottage! 

They also have Kiddie pool..

The Infinity pool

I didn't like their sand because it is has a lot of pebbles which hurt my bear feet.
They have an activity area where you can do activities such as WII games and pool. Too bad it was closed for renovation that time.
The beach area has an accesible free WiFi. If you want to know more about BE RESORTS, you can visit their site


 Wearing FOREVER21 Triangle TOP and BOTTOM

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