Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shawill Makeup mono eyeshadow

Hello again ladies!! I discovered a new brand called Shawill Makeup . I looked at their products , and tested them out. They sell different types of eyeshadow. They also sell foundation, makeup brushes, lip gloss and many more. I tested eyeshadows that i think cost around 130 -150 , And i absolutely liked it its really pigmented. But I didnt get one because 1. The color i wanted wasnt available 2.I dont need it. :D . And then i saw this eyeshadow that costs 69 pesos , and decided to get it to have a review on it  and also the color could be use as a higlight on my browbone, on the top of my cheeks and my nosebridge. So 69 pesos is a great deal for me :D . I bought this mono eyeshadow in (600 or 009 i got confused with the sticker ). 

This is how the shadow looks like
It looks white but when you swatch it its not white 

This is how the packaging looks like 
( I love the packaging , it looks so girly .<3)

Swatch for the eye shadow
(see? the eyeshadow isnt matte white, its more of a pearl white)
If you could notice it looks pigmented in the picture , But when I swatch it, it's really sheer.  So I had to swatch like twice . For me, this is good for a higlight color. And if you decide to use it to your eyes i suggest using a base to make it last longer .



So thats its for this review.
So if you tried this product let me know what you think :D



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fanny Serano Eyeliner brush review

Hello Dolls!! I went to Sm department store las sunday and i was looking for a new angled brush that I could use for gel liners . As I was browsing to different brands I had to decide whether to buy the Marrianaud angled brush or the Fanny Serano eyeliner brush. The Fanny Serano eyeliner brush cost 150 pesos , while the Marrianaud one cost 115 pesos . Even before I've heard lots of great things about Fanny serano products. So I decided to buy the FS eyeliner brush. Marrianaud also is a good brand and the have cheap and great brushes . 

This is how the packaging looks like

 If you notice the brush is really thin and stiff.

When i got home I decideded to try it.
And I was really happy that the brush is really stiff and its the one I've been looking for .
I needed an eyeliner brush that doesn't  easily bend when I apply the gel liner. Its really stiff. And I love the way how I could control it . I'm really happy about it. Cause my previous eyeliner brushes messes up my line when I push it cause they easily bend. That's why I just use the old ones for my eyebrows.

Here are some samples of the line I swatched on my wrist. from the top. I used eyeshadow, middle -gel liner , bottom- blue gel liner. With this brush I could create thin to really thick lines :D
Thats all for this review!!!


XOXO- Getgorgeous14

Monday, March 12, 2012

iWhite Korea Whitening pack review

HEy dolls!!
Everytime i go grocery shopping I always take time visiting the beauty and skincare shelves cause im like obsessed to skin care. I found this facial mask i forgot how much it costs but i know its less than 20 pesos. So i decided try this !

(whitening pack)
this help revitalize, cleanses , and enhance your skin)

1.) Apply an ample amount to your face. (NOTE: never apply this to places where you have hair like your eyebrows or above your mouth, it could remove the hairs :0 )
2.) Wait for the mask to dry and enjoy prepping yourself :D


3.)Slowly remove the mask (Note: it hurts when you take it off)

So this is how it looked after and i can say this is so good, i really like how my face felt after i removed the mask and feels so refreshing, clean, and healthy :D  the only thing i hate about this mask is that it HURTS!!! but BEAUTY IS PAIN . soooo


Mary Kay Eyeshadows product reviews

Hello again dolls!! im back for a product review about some samplers i got from Mary Kay. So, I got these samplers to miss jhia of red jhelli shop . I was invited last year to the Mary kay beauty center, and i have tried their skin care products and also their cosmetics. I absolutely love their products, I have tried their foundation and decided to buy one . I'm
going to do a different review about that. I using their eyeshadows.  

As you can see the eyeshadow is really shimmery. When I swatched it I was amazed how pigmented this is. You could wear this in anytime cause for me this eyeshadow will look great to any looks. This shadow will brighten up your eyes. You could also use this as a highlight .

This eyeshadow is also a shimmery eyeshadow and when i swatched the shadow to my wrist  its not that pigmented like the honey spice. But if you use a base or primer to your lids , it would really look pretty .
This blush is absolutely AMAZING! I'm inlove with this blush , cause when i tried it on my cheeks it gave me that glowing beautiful cheeks. And I love how the pink and gold  looked so good together. I recommend this to you guys really love this!

So thats it you guys if you want to know more about mary kay pls do visit:

you could ask miss jhia to let you try these amazing products at the MARY KAY BEAUTY CENTER