Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fanny Serano Eyeliner brush review

Hello Dolls!! I went to Sm department store las sunday and i was looking for a new angled brush that I could use for gel liners . As I was browsing to different brands I had to decide whether to buy the Marrianaud angled brush or the Fanny Serano eyeliner brush. The Fanny Serano eyeliner brush cost 150 pesos , while the Marrianaud one cost 115 pesos . Even before I've heard lots of great things about Fanny serano products. So I decided to buy the FS eyeliner brush. Marrianaud also is a good brand and the have cheap and great brushes . 

This is how the packaging looks like

 If you notice the brush is really thin and stiff.

When i got home I decideded to try it.
And I was really happy that the brush is really stiff and its the one I've been looking for .
I needed an eyeliner brush that doesn't  easily bend when I apply the gel liner. Its really stiff. And I love the way how I could control it . I'm really happy about it. Cause my previous eyeliner brushes messes up my line when I push it cause they easily bend. That's why I just use the old ones for my eyebrows.

Here are some samples of the line I swatched on my wrist. from the top. I used eyeshadow, middle -gel liner , bottom- blue gel liner. With this brush I could create thin to really thick lines :D
Thats all for this review!!!


XOXO- Getgorgeous14

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