Thursday, December 29, 2011

LOVEN make cleansing pad/ FACIAL BruSH :D


                               So today was a very FUN and LUCKY day for me!! Me and my relatives went to the beach this morning and i enjoyed the  heat of the sun sooo sooo much .. :D After that we went to parkmall because lastweek a day before christmas eve I went there around 8:40 pm to have a last minute gift shopping for our MANITO MANITA.  And i saw the new store called "JAPAN HOME CENTRE" and i didnt get the chance to go inside since the mall closes at 9 pm i was like GOSH DAISO!!! :( i was a bit sad.... but anywayssss lets get to the story :) we went there and i was sssuuuuuuuuuper duperrr hoping that i could find the DAISO facial brush..So i checked all the counters and the racks , and i bought some great products especially for my makeup organization storage :D and some random stuff :D i was about to give up looking for the facial brush . When i was on my way to the cashier, I FINAALLLY FOUND THE FACIAL BRUSH and i was like OH MY GOD!! i was like jumping and super duperrrrrr happy (CRAZY ryt?!) .. So i got the facial brush but its not the DAISO one  but whatevss .... So i got 2 of them just to make sure if i lost the ones im using i have a backuupp!! :D So talking about that  i know you guys are curious about the price... The brush Cost  88 PESOS only!! amaaaaaazing price! and BTW the japan home centre sells stuff that cost 99 pesos , 88 pesos and 66 pesos! and you get branded stuff.. :D the store was really crowded because the products theyre selling are reaally cheap .. :D So heres a picture of the facial brush
So as you can see there are tiny soft bristles on it .
I actually used it  awhile ago and itsss SOOOO amazing!  i feel like my face is squuuuuueeky clean !! and i really like this a lot! So thats it for this blog !! have a GREAT NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Pamper your skin!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Last week i went to etude house and bought my favorite masks since i already ran out of my masks. Some of the masks i love was out of stock so  had to choose a different mask. So here are the mask i got.

 This is the first wash off mask that im currently in LOVE with.
i never liked using wash off mask cause im such a lazy person i just want to just instantly peel off my mask.But since there were only 2 kinds of mask available and i was dying to pamper my skin already i had to get this one. And it turned out to be a really good product. after using this mask my skin was realyy soft, hydrated, stress free, and nourishes my skin.  I just love the way my skin glows. I apply it to my skin by massaging it all over my face and waited for 10 to 15 mins. to wash it off.

These next two products i got from ETUDE HOUSE are the peel off masks..
So i got the red Ginseng and the pomegranate was given for free.
So asusal these masks gives my skin a really healthy stress- free felling to my face after using it. And i love the way it nourishes my skin.

So for me , i love pampering my skin like 4 times a week or 5 times a week depending on how much i need it, like after school, or after a long day out . For me pampering your skin or face is just like taking vitamins for your health. I just love the feeling after putting on these masks. 
But also i do some things to my face like my skin care routine, and using my facial sauna like every week just to clean my face from all the makeup I use . And also there are times in a week i dont put on my makeup because makeup makes your skin look older. Thats why im starting to take care of my skin . not like before when I dont really use makeup, I just wash my face with water then im done. So now I just love my skin so much .
Thats all for this Short Blog hope you learned something from it and GODBLESS!



Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ice Parade Make It Perfect Brush Kit/Mineralize

Ice Parade Make It Perfect Brush Kit/Mineralize

      Good Day Everyone! I just purchased a SPECIAL EDITION Ice Parade Make it Perfect Brush Kit/Mineralize.  At first i was having second thoughts in buying these gorgeous babies since the MAC section at rustans were full of eye drooling products. I had a tough call to make between these brushes and eye shadow pigments. As most make-up artists would say, "Invest in make-up tools!", with this in mind I had to get the brush set! At first sight, the brush kit was displayed  in a plastic ball. As i approached the table the handles were dazzling and on the side of the brush was a Mac Print and Brush Number SE. I would say this brush kit is worth the money since this only costs 3,800 PHP with an outstanding snow globe inspired bag and a chic set of four key mineralize brushes: the 187 SE, 130 SE, 286 SE, and 282 SE. They have the same heads as the ordinary individual brushes but different handles. Its a money saver since the 187 brush alone costs about 2,900 PHP and a set of 4 different brushes costs 3,800 PHP. The handles in the kit are shorter than the ordinary ones which make it more easier to carry around (Travel Size)!  The brushes are Duo Fiber (hair and synthetic) which are applicable to liquid, powder, and cream-based products. I'll post pictures later of these brushes in action! Grab the set now since this is only a HOLIDAY SEASON LIMITED EDITION!!! 

Ice Parade


282 SE
Duo Fibre Shader Brush.Features a blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

286 SE
For controlled eye shadow application.Features a blend of goat and synthetic fibr

130 SE
A short, round, flat-topped brush ideal for the smooth, easy application of foundations, creams, emulsions, and select powder products. Features a blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

 Full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. It is used to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I have been using Circle lenses/ Contact lenses for about 3 years now. I wear them almost everyday, but sometimes I don’t wear contact lenses to give my eyes a good days rest to avoid eye irritation. Later on I’ll do a informative blog about contact lenses.
I’m happy to announce that Ms. Jhia from RED JHELLI SHOP, will be sponsoring my VLOGS (YouTube) and Blogs(Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogger) with contact lenses. I am looking forward to her sponsorship, with that said I’ll be doing reviews and comments on her lenses. Hopefully I’ll start having give aways and contests!
Love Lots,
Mechalie B. Patalinghug

Monday, December 5, 2011

FOREVER21 cosmetics

Hello everyone!!! FOREVER21 is finally available here in cebu!!! I never had any forever21 products or clothes before. But i was so excited to know that f21 is finally opening . I heard F21 from my favorite youtube gurus, since they always post f21 hauls on their channel. So i went shopping whenever i have the time, and so happy to buy clothes , unfortunately, i love most of the clothes, but some designs of their clothes does'nt fit me. Its too big for me. 
Forever21 also have cosmetics on their line. And as i said i watched hauls from my fave gurus, and they said their cosmetics are cheap, but the quality is more than the price! So i bought 3 cosmetics from them since i want to try them first , and told myself if the quality is really good then ill be purchasing more from their cosmetics . And so i got the EYESHADOW QUAD, LIQUID EYELINER, and GEL LINER. 
the EYESHADOW QUAD has a variety of colors you can choose from their rack. i chose these colors because i could use the colors for my everyday look.And then i got the GEL AND LIQUID EYELINER because im sort of addicted to using liners. :) 
so i made swatches for the products i got
 As you can see on the picture the shadows  are really pigmented. And I WAS SO AMAZED when i swatched it . and guess how much this quad cost.....
ONLY FOR 95 pesos. and you get pigmented shadows.

the one on the left is the GEL eyeliner and on the right is the LIQUID eyeliner.
and i really love it. ive tried the gel liner from wet and wild and the Forever21's GEL eyeliner has the same quality with the wet and wild . SO THUMBS UP for that..and the LIQUID eyeliner is not bad for the price i tried it on my eyes and that was really worth it.
AND both EYELINERS cost 95 pesos each. so cheap right??

so thats it for my review. hope you guys liked it.
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thanks everyone!!