Friday, December 23, 2011

Pamper your skin!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Last week i went to etude house and bought my favorite masks since i already ran out of my masks. Some of the masks i love was out of stock so  had to choose a different mask. So here are the mask i got.

 This is the first wash off mask that im currently in LOVE with.
i never liked using wash off mask cause im such a lazy person i just want to just instantly peel off my mask.But since there were only 2 kinds of mask available and i was dying to pamper my skin already i had to get this one. And it turned out to be a really good product. after using this mask my skin was realyy soft, hydrated, stress free, and nourishes my skin.  I just love the way my skin glows. I apply it to my skin by massaging it all over my face and waited for 10 to 15 mins. to wash it off.

These next two products i got from ETUDE HOUSE are the peel off masks..
So i got the red Ginseng and the pomegranate was given for free.
So asusal these masks gives my skin a really healthy stress- free felling to my face after using it. And i love the way it nourishes my skin.

So for me , i love pampering my skin like 4 times a week or 5 times a week depending on how much i need it, like after school, or after a long day out . For me pampering your skin or face is just like taking vitamins for your health. I just love the feeling after putting on these masks. 
But also i do some things to my face like my skin care routine, and using my facial sauna like every week just to clean my face from all the makeup I use . And also there are times in a week i dont put on my makeup because makeup makes your skin look older. Thats why im starting to take care of my skin . not like before when I dont really use makeup, I just wash my face with water then im done. So now I just love my skin so much .
Thats all for this Short Blog hope you learned something from it and GODBLESS!



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