Thursday, October 25, 2012

EOS WM-101 circle lense review


Heeeey!! I'm back for a new review! 

This is the Bubble Grey (EOS WM-101) lenses that i received from Red Jhelli Shop.
Brand: EOS
Base curve: 8.8
Diameter: 14.8
Life Span: 1 year

Packaging: For the packaging , the lenses are safe since the lenses were wrapped with bubble wrap. And  
                 as you can see in the picture above the packaging is a box. Inside the box the lenses comes with 
                 free lens case.And also Miss Jhia( the owner of red jhelli) was so sweet, she included a                        
                 letter for me . THANKS MISS JHIA!. And ofcourse the lenses .

 Before and After photos

Color: As you can see the color is grey giving you that edgy look. I don't recommend wearing them on a daily basis since the lenses look edgy. It's good to wear them during occasions such as costume parties, cos-play, and definitely Halloween.

Comfort: My first time using these lenses, it irritated my eyes. Maybe irritated due to first use of the EOS brand. I really like the look of it, but its not that comfortable like my other lenses from GEO. I don't recommend wearing them for long hours (whole day). Before I made this review, I tried using them many times but I had to remove them after 4-5 hours of use . 

Overall: These lenses are good, I love the edgy look, it gives me that Vampire-ish look. I'm not going to wear them on a daily basis since I can't wear them for the whole day. Like I stated earlier, I would wear them during occasions such as costume parties, cos-play events (IF GIVEN A CHANCE), and photo shoots.  

Sample makeuplook for these lenses

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