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how to have "HEALTHY SKIN"


"Skin is the blank canvas of beauty, make sure it's as healthy and clear as possible. The right skin care ingredients can improve your complexion from dull to luminous. So make sure to choose the right products and most importantly determine your skin type"

Hello again everyone! I'm back with a new Blog post . I decided to choose skin care as a topic and I guess it's useful to everyone male/female :D 

When you go to a drugstore and browse through all of the skin care products displayed on the shelves, would you know what to get instantly? Of course you have to think about whats the right product or ingredient that would fit your skin type. Putting together an effective skin-care routine can be depending on you viewpoint. If you want to start your own skin care routine the first thing you have to do is to "DETERMINE YOUR SKIN TYPE!!" . Don't forget to determine your needs. Are you concerned with moisturizing dry patches or are you preventing breakouts? Do you want to have a glowing skin or maybe want to take away fine lines? If you're still young, are you trying to prevent wrinkles? They always say prevention is better than cure. You could visit a dermatologist for skin care advice , they could also help you treat skin problems like acne for instance. I have already visited a dermatologist and scouted some advice on how to improve my skin. I had facial and  
undergone some medications that they have recommended. I realized, I could actually do skin care myself. I just have to get the right products . I'm going to share with you some ideas  I learned by researching.

  Wash and dry your face and leave it unmoisturized for three hours. Press a single piece of tissue or blotting paper to your face and remove it. MAKE A DIAGNOSIS:
  • NORMAL SKIN-  If  no oil comes off on the paper and your face doesn't feel tight or flaky .
  • DRY SKIN- If your skin feels dry , tight or flaky and no oil appears on the paper 
  • OILY SKIN-If oil comes off your nose, forehead and cheeks.
  • COMBINATION SKIN-If there's  oil on your nose and forehead ( the areas of the face with the most oil glands) but not your cheeks.
  • SENSITIVE SKIN- If  your skin tends to be tight and blotchy and reacts to new skin-care products by becoming red, inflamed or itchy.


GOAL:  To maintain a balanced, evenly textured complexion. And keep skin sufficiently hydrated.
     Wash your face with a gentle, water-soluble cleanser each morning and night. Avoid using soaps which could possibly take the moisture of your skin. Go for something with a milky or creamy consistency. After cleansing, apply a smooth moisturizing lotion all over your face. for more hydration apply lotion when your ski is damp. For your daytime moisturizer don't forget to use the one with at least SPF 15 and guard against both UVA AND UVB rays. To keep skin looking fresh exfoliate your skin to take away dead skin cells at least 3 times a week .

GOAL: To hydrate parched skin and keep it smooth and supple, rather than flaky and irritated
Wash your face once a day, right before bed. Gently massage a milky cleanser into your skin to remove dirt , oil, makeup and rinse with lukewarm water. In the morning just wash your face with water. after cleansing , smooth a rich cream onto your still-damp skin once in the morning and night. The thicker the cream or moisturizer the more hydrating it will be. for this skin type look for the ingredients( glycerin,dimethicone, and hyaluronic acid.) for sun protect use a moisturizer that contains SPF 15 or higher.If you cant find one thats rich enough just add sunscreen on top of your regular face cream/moisturizer. For skin treatment , One night a week try using a lotion containing retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids . Retinols stimulates collagen production, which leads to plumper, smoother skin, acids exfoliate dead, scaly skin cells and expose fresher ones underneath.

GOAL: To cleanse thoroughly without stripping away natural oils. also to take away shine because of oil and prevent breakouts.
Wash your face twice a day with a non-soap cleanser designed for oily skin. If you tend to breakout often , use a cleanser containing salicylic acid , which calms down inflamed skin and clears out the clogged pores that leads to acne. There are already lots of cleansers which prevents acne . After cleansing , if your face feels soft and supple, you probably don't need a moisturizer. If it feels slightly dry or tight, try lotions that are oil-free and noncomedogenic(non-pore-clogging).after that apply oil-free or non-comedogenic sunscreen with at least SPF 15 or higher. At night apply a serum. and if your face feels dewy you ay skip moisturizer.

GOAL: To address the needs of two diff. skin types on one face. Also to absorb oil in the T-zone ( the nose and forehead) and hyrdate dry areas.
Remove dirt an oil with a gentle non-soap cleanser , which should do a thorough job even without scrubbing .Anything that lathers will dry out already dry areas.Every morning and night apply a light-weight oil-free moisturizer. And for the dry areas apply a heavier lotion.If your T-zone is really greasy don't moisturize it. For daytime protection, apply a sunscreen all over your face ,either alone or just use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. For treatment , exfoliate with a cream containing alpha-hydroxy acids or retinols every night. or Cut back to twice a week if your skin becomes red or irritated . Apply a moisturizer to extremely dry areas.

GOAL: To cleanse , moisturize and treat without causing irritaion .
To prevent irritations , wash with a gentle fragrance-and dye-free cleanser, also avoid ingredients such as acids, botanicals, and irritating preservatives like ethanol and propylene glycol. For moisturizers, avoid anything scented or colored. The fewer ingredients a lotion contains , the better. Smooth it all over your face every morning and night. For protection, Ward off harmful rays with an unscented , noncomedogenic sunscreen. Also, physical blocks(such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide ) sit on top of the skin and are therefore less irritating than chemical ones . For treatment , Exfoliating aggressively with fruit acids or physical granules can irritate sensitive skin . Look for a cream with antioxidants ( like vitain c ) that feels hydrating and smooth on your skin.

I'm not a professional adviser. If it's your first time with skin-care, it's best if you consult with professionals on what products to use. This is what i have learned so far by research. That's all for now everyone! I hope this helps! 


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